• LaVerne Biel for Spokane City Council

    LaVerne Biel for Spokane City Council

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

  • Economic Prosperity and Jobs

    Economic Prosperity and Jobs

  • A Thriving Community

    A Thriving Community

  • Laverne Biel for Spokane City Council

    Laverne Biel for Spokane City Council

Please vote for LaVerne Biel for Spokane City Council District 2.


Join Us As We Watch Ballot Returns and Results


Today is the BIG DAY! Election results begin to be reported starting at around 8:00 PM, and we will be watching them post in real-time at our Election Night Party at South Perry Pizza.

If you’re looking for a great time with great eats, while you wait to see if we won, then come on by!

When: Today 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Where: South Perry Pizza – 1011 S. Perry St., Spokane

Remember To Vote Before 8:00 PM


If you have not already cast your ballot, please note that in order for your vote to count, you must either have your ballot post-marked TODAY if sending through mail, or inside one of the area drop box locations before 8:00 PM this evening.

Haven’t received your ballot, or have questions? Please contact the Spokane County Elections office at (509) 477-2320 or by email at elections@spokanecounty.org

LaVerne interviewed by Sean Owsley On Invest Northwest


LaVerne had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sean Owsley over the weekend for his show “Invest Northwest.”

Click on the video to watch the interview in its entirety

Help Keep Our Television Ads on The Air


We have made great strides meeting as many voters as possible face-to-face, or by phone – but it’s impossible to reach everyone within the district by these means. Our television ads are meant to introduce voters to our campaign and LaVerne’s platform.

Unfortunately unlike door-to-door or phone-banking, television advertising isn’t free. In order for us to continue utilizing this medium to get our message out, we need your continued support. Please consider donating today.

Have You Run Into LaVerne Yet?


LaVerne and her campaign have been hard at work in these final remaining days prior to the election.

Whether it be at your doorstep, on the phone, via facebook, twitter, or on television; LaVerne has been everywhere, engaging with the community she is running to phonebanklocally represent.

In total, LaVerne has canvassed 42 of our 50 precincts, personally meeting voters face-to-face at their door. This adds upto over 37,481 doors knocked by LaVerne and her campaign team!

On top of doors, LaVerne and her campaign have made over 2,800 calls to remind voters to cast their ballots before next Tuesday. Considering LaVerne is in the phone system business by profession, LaVerne is very proficient in utilizing this technology to keep voters informed.

If you would like to join LaVerne and her campaign in getting her message out, please email us and we’ll let you know what opportunities are available, whether it be door-to-door canvassing, phone-banking, or sign-waving.

Only 5 Days to Election!


The final week to return your ballot in order for it to count has arrived. Given we are in a non-presidential year, turnout is projected to be relatively low – this means every single vote will make a BIG difference.

In these final days, the usual mud-slinging has surfaced from our opponent. Her false attacks show that their campaign is desperate to diminish our grassroots-based community-oriented message of returning Spokane city council back to the basics of their mission statement – “To deliver efficient and effective services that facilitate economic opportunity and enhance quality of life.” This means Spokane should be focusing on the right things, such as public safety and long term private job creation. We fulfill this by building sustainable communities with a commitment to service.

Did you Know?

Five Facts About LaVerne

  1. LaVerne has never held office or been involved in politics.
  2. LaVerne is a member of the East Central Community Center (ECCC) Board. While the ECCC struggled briefly after the separation from the City of Spokane, those issues were overcome. Today, the ECCC is thriving with participation from the whole community.
  3. LaVerne and Kent Biel have offered paid sick leave to their employees since 1998. LaVerne believes that the discussion on mandatory paid sick leave is a federal or state issue, not the city’s.
  4. LaVerne has no knowledge of any special interest groups that donated out-of-town money to her campaign. Throughout her campaign, she has run on her own platform and is not dependent on outside sources to get her message out.
  5. LaVerne supports our existing public safety measures for police and fire safety.

Back To The Basics

Click on the image below to watch our new campaign video.

Spokesman Review Editorial: LaVerne Biel the best choice for District 2


The Spokesman-Review has chosen to endorse LaVerne Biel for Spokane City Council District 2 for the General Election.

“LaVerne Biel wants the Spokane City Council to focus on better government, rather than dictating how private businesses should be run.”

“We agree that the council has a tendency to get distracted from the basics of municipal governance. ”

Click on the article below to read the entire article:


Remember – Ballots begin to arrive starting Wednesday!

Ballots Are Coming!

October has seen a steady ramp-up in activity for our campaign, from debates, tocanvassing, to participating in festivals, to interviews. Now the exciting reality that ballots will be dropping in just a few short days! Please check your mailbox on Wednesday, October 14th for YOUR ballot!

If you don’t see your ballot arrive in the coming week, please contact Spokane County Elections at (ph) 509-477-2320, (email)elections@spokanecounty.org

Spokesman Review Focuses on Spokane’s 2nd City Council District

In Thursday’s Spokesman Review, Nicholas Deshais published a well written article clearly describing the difference between LaVerne and her opponent’s philosophy of the position they’re seeking, and how their backgrounds would impact the way they would govern.