Proposition 1 Dangerous for Local Businesses

As LaVerne mentioned in last week’s GSI debate, Prop 1 is more restrictive than a marriage contract! Employers would be responsible to pay for medical insurance, adequate transportation, daycare, housing, and even a savings account – Do you think these requirements are a reasonable expectation for employers to provide their employees?

Prop 1 is a dangerous mandate that will forever change the relationship between employers and their employees within the city of Spokane. It would put Spokane at a significant disadvantage, not only on the state-level, but also with our local neighboring cities, especially being so close to a bordering state with less restrictive regulations.

The issues addressed by this citizen legislation are certainly important issues that need to be discussed, but the way Prop 1 was written is clearly the wrong approach. Mandates like this are very damaging and will likely cause more problems than they solve.

We would like to invite employers and employees alike to reach out to our campaign and tell us their thoughts about Prop 1 and its impact on their field of work.

You can reach out to LaVerne directly by emailing her, or you can send us a message on social media, either through facebook or twitter


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