Have You Run Into LaVerne Yet?

LaVerne and her campaign have been hard at work in these final remaining days prior to the election.

Whether it be at your doorstep, on the phone, via facebook, twitter, or on television; LaVerne has been everywhere, engaging with the community she is running to phonebanklocally represent.

In total, LaVerne has canvassed 42 of our 50 precincts, personally meeting voters face-to-face at their door. This adds upto over 37,481 doors knocked by LaVerne and her campaign team!

On top of doors, LaVerne and her campaign have made over 2,800 calls to remind voters to cast their ballots before next Tuesday. Considering LaVerne is in the phone system business by profession, LaVerne is very proficient in utilizing this technology to keep voters informed.

If you would like to join LaVerne and her campaign in getting her message out, please email us and we’ll let you know what opportunities are available, whether it be door-to-door canvassing, phone-banking, or sign-waving.

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