Only 5 Days to Election!

The final week to return your ballot in order for it to count has arrived. Given we are in a non-presidential year, turnout is projected to be relatively low – this means every single vote will make a BIG difference.

In these final days, the usual mud-slinging has surfaced from our opponent. Her false attacks show that their campaign is desperate to diminish our grassroots-based community-oriented message of returning Spokane city council back to the basics of their mission statement – “To deliver efficient and effective services that facilitate economic opportunity and enhance quality of life.” This means Spokane should be focusing on the right things, such as public safety and long term private job creation. We fulfill this by building sustainable communities with a commitment to service.

Did you Know?

Five Facts About LaVerne

  1. LaVerne has never held office or been involved in politics.
  2. LaVerne is a member of the East Central Community Center (ECCC) Board. While the ECCC struggled briefly after the separation from the City of Spokane, those issues were overcome. Today, the ECCC is thriving with participation from the whole community.
  3. LaVerne and Kent Biel have offered paid sick leave to their employees since 1998. LaVerne believes that the discussion on mandatory paid sick leave is a federal or state issue, not the city’s.
  4. LaVerne has no knowledge of any special interest groups that donated out-of-town money to her campaign. Throughout her campaign, she has run on her own platform and is not dependent on outside sources to get her message out.
  5. LaVerne supports our existing public safety measures for police and fire safety.

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