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Chase Youth Debate Provides Opportunity for Youth to Engage in Local Civics

LaVerne was pleased to participate in last week’s Chase Youth Debate at North Central High School and honored to receive 81% in the student poll after the event. It was disappointing that my opponent was the only candidate that chose not to participate in this one debate sponsored by our youth. As a person who is a strong advocate for quality education, LaVerne was excited to see so many of our youth interested in learning about our local candidates and engaged in our political system.

Proposition 1 Dangerous for Local Businesses

As LaVerne mentioned in last week’s GSI debate, Prop 1 is more restrictive than a marriage contract! Employers would be responsible to pay for medical insurance, adequate transportation, daycare, housing, and even a savings account – Do you think these requirements are a reasonable expectation for employers to provide their employees?

Prop 1 is a dangerous mandate that will forever change the relationship between employers and their employees within the city of Spokane. It would put Spokane at a significant disadvantage, not only on the state-level, but also with our local neighboring cities, especially being so close to a bordering state with less restrictive regulations.

The issues addressed by this citizen legislation are certainly important issues that need to be discussed, but the way Prop 1 was written is clearly the wrong approach. Mandates like this are very damaging and will likely cause more problems than they solve.

We would like to invite employers and employees alike to reach out to our campaign and tell us their thoughts about Prop 1 and its impact on their field of work.

You can reach out to LaVerne directly by emailing her, or you can send us a message on social media, either through facebook or twitter


Grassroots Update

September has been a busy month for LaVerne. So far she has blanketed 28 fullprecincts, and contacted over 26,000 voters! A special thank you deserved for Pam Emery for dedicating her time acting in the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Without her help, this achievement wouldn’t be possible.

LaVerne and her campaign team have also been out in the community, participating in ‘Art on the Avenue’ inthe East Central neighborhood, and the Lower South Hill Block Party. She also hosted a blanket with supporters at the Labor Day Symphony Concert at Comstock Park – one of Spokane’s greatest annual summer events.

She will continue making a presence in the community throughout the duration of this campaign and beyond.

If you would like to invite LaVerne to a community event in your neighborhood, we would love to hear about it! Please send invitations

Last Week’s Debate and Forum

Last week, LaVerne had the opportunity to present her views, her vision, and her plans to the public in two great events – one hosted by the League of Women Voters, the other, hosted by Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI).

The League of Women Voters hosted a forum in the council chambers at City Hall. The forum will be available on demand in the coming days.

The following day, GSI hosted a debate that was streamed live by KHQ TV.LaVerne had the opportunity to express concerns about Prop. 1, and the toll
it would have on local small businesses such as hers.

We Cleared The First Hurdle

This campaign has been blessed with some very dedicated campaign staff, and some incredibly passionate volunteers.

Last Tuesday marked a turning point in the campaign. Voters clearly want to see civility return to City Hall, and a refocusing of priorities based on the mission City Council is supposed to abide by.

Not only did our campaign clear the Primary to move on to the General Election – we came in first by over 300 votes, according to last count.

Now it is time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and get to work preparing for the General Election in November.

Please reach out to Tyler Scruggs at (520) 891-3913 if you are interested in helping continue the momentum we’ve built up through the Primary Election by donating your time and energy in our campaign through volunteering.

We would also welcome a donation to our campaign as well. You can do that by clicking here.

Election Night Party for LaVerne Biel

Join LaVerne and the campaign for an election night party. Sit back, enjoy a snack and drink as we refresh the county election website until we begin to see the results come in!

When: Tuesday, August 4th – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Where: Access Unified Networks – 2202 E. Sprague Ave.

Tomorrow is The Last Day To Hand in Your Ballot!

I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to hand in your ballot! If you haven’t, you have until 8 PM tomorrow to get it in.

To see where your nearest ballot drop box location is,

LaVerne receives endorsement from Spokesman Review

Last week, the Spokesman Review Editorial Board interviewed candidates for Spokane City Council District 2. They labeled LaVerne as a “Solid Candidate” for the district. Here is what they had to say about LaVerne:

“Biel is a businesswoman who ran four years ago, losing in the primary to John Ahern and eventual winner Jon Snyder. She has key endorsements from Allen, Mayor David Condon and former council members Steve Salvatori and Nancy McLaughlin. She owns and is the chief executive of Access Unified Networks, which installs voice and data systems for businesses.

She lives near the South Perry District and is a former chairwoman of the East Central Business Association and former president of Associated Builders and Contractors. With that experience, she has a solid understanding of how government can either support or deter businesses.

Biel is concerned the council is ranging too far afield from its official duties. On the other hand, she signed the “sanctuary city” petition, which calls for the Spokane Police Department to get involved in a federal matter.”

To read the full article from the Spokesman Review, click here.

Wine event at Barrister in support of LaVerne

Please join us for an enjoyable event at Barrister Winery. We will share some of the Barrister’s preferred wines.

Where:1213 Union Pacific Railroad, Spokane

When: Thursday, July 9th

Time: 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Please RSVP as soon as possible to ensure your seat is reserved.

We ask that you make a minimal $35 donation in order to attend this event.

You may donate online now by clicking on the PayPal button below.

Special thanks to the Barrister’s for sharing this great venue with us!

Please make your check out to: LaVerne for Spokane.

You may mail us your donation to the following address:

LaVerne for Spokane

P.O. Box 3433

Spokane, WA 99202

You may also pay at the door via cash, credit card, or check. If you would prefer to RSVP by phone, please contact Eric Robison at (509) 202-0767

We’re having an ice-cream social — and you’re invited!

What do nonpartisan City Council candidate LaVerne Biel and ice-cream have in common? They are loved by liberals and conservatives alike!

You can get a taste for both, as LaVerne opens up her home to meet neighbors, answer questions, and scoop ice-cream for anyone that chooses to stop by.

So come and meet a candidate who is running to represent you, ask her about issues affecting your neighborhood, and enjoy the ice-cream.

We hope to see you there!

Where: 504 E. 10th Ave. (10th & Sherman)

When: Wednesday, June 17th

Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM