Over 2,400 doors knocked

We’ve blown through our first batch of 2,400 palm cards, and have begun on the second batch.

There are still many more doors we would like to visit in order to get our message out. If you would like to join us while the weather is amazing, drop me a message at LaVerne@LaVerneforSpokane.com

It is now official, I have now filed to run for office

Walking the neighborhood

Our campaign has set a very high goal for this election of knocking on 15,000 doors over the duration of this campaign.LaVerneshopsPerry

This last weekend, I had the pleasure of canvassing my own neighborhood – the Perry District. After our five-hour excursion of door-to-door was complete, we made a pit stop at one of my favorite local neighborhood spots – The Shop.

If you’re interested in joining us as we knock on doors, please contact us.




I have officially filed to run for office

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the county elections office and formally filed to run for City Council.LaVernefiling1

In the coming months you will see a lot of me if you live in the 2nd District.

Please keep in mind that our first goal is getting through the August primary election, so your early support is very important.






My friends and family

I wasn’t alone at the elections office when I filed. I was also joined by some of my closest friends and family.

Stay tuned to our upcoming newsletters, Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram pictures to stay up-to-date on upcoming campaign events throughout this election season. We’d love to have you join us.



Hello Spokane! As a candidate for Spokane City Council District 2, I’m very interested in hearing what you have to say. What needs to be done? What are your concerns? What do you think is being done correctly? Anything that comes to mind that can be helpful to our great city is welcome to be discussed here, so go ahead…write something.