“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward,” as Ellen Glasgow once said. This quote is an excellent yardstick to measure progress. Will change cause Spokane to grow and prosper? Only if it is deliberate, managed, on-going, and continually evaluated. These are the issues that I will prioritize for Spokane.

Streets & Parks

In November 2014 the voters approved the 64.3 million Parks and Street Bond with a 20 year payoff. It was approved by a 68.58% vote.

    • I approve this plan to rehabilitate Riverfront Park and refinancing street repairs. 
    • I believe that the voters need to be kept up-to-date on both planning and progress to understand the impact on Spokane

Police & Fire

I recognize the realities of our community and its challenges and will deploy our resources adequately and appropriately. 

I support the Spokane Police Department in their efforts to:

    • Actively pursue and reduce property crime
    • Rebuild trust with the citizens of Spokane
    • Collaborate with the Sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies where appropriate
    • Establish a new police ombudsman to bring greater transparency about police actions to our citizens.

I also support the Spokane Fire Department’s current efforts to:

    • Contract more ambulances and other vehicles to save costs and reduce wear and tear on our fire trucks. 
    • Build an additional fire department to serveQualchan and Eagle Ridge neighborhoods

It is my desire to work with our public safety community in all the above facets to ensure the health and safety of all Spokane residents.

Jobs & Economy

Spokane must live within a budget based on available revenue from current utility and property and sales taxes. My priorities for city budget are Police and Fire, Streets, Utilities (Sewer/Water/Garbage), Parks, and Libraries. As a City Councilor I intend to:

    • Develop the local economy through job growth
    • Balance environmental sustainability responsibilities with smart industrial development
    • Set wage increase codes that reflect what current economic conditions will allow

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